Saturday, May 26, 2012

GenUwine is related to all of the RustRidge Horses

Kool & Lovly(l) is his maternal grandmother
RustRidge Sippling (r) is his paternal grandmother
Both mares were born at RustRidge in 1986 and both mares produced several foals.
Genuwine has almost the same blaze as his grandma RustRidge Sippling!

Kool Valley was Genuwine's mother,  her mother is Kool & Lovly. Her father was Napa Valley, our first stallion. 

Stacy's Ridge is Genuwine's father. His mother is RustRidge Sippling. His father was Stacy's Knight.
RustRidge Bo (l) is Genuwine's Uncle on his father's side. His mother is RustRidge Sippling his father was Napa Valley.
Blade(aka Free Run Gold) is Genuwine's Uncle on his mother's side. His mother is Kool & Lovly and father was Highland Gold.
RustRidge Reserve is Genuwine's aunt on his father's side.
Wine Thief is Genuine's cousin.

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