Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm still the main blogger here

Here I am with Josef and Sophie, we had a great time together: Up at the pond, in the vineyard and at the B&B!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm Zin and I am taking over, I think I've got this place figured out

I arrived at RustRidge almost a year ago. I used to live in Pope Valley at a very quiet house tucked in the hills. The guy who lived there was moving and one day Jim and Catherine came by to visit him. They saw me hanging out and asked if I would be staying or going. When they heard that I was not going, they decided I needed to move to RustRidge Ranch. I ended up in a totally different world. There are 13 other cats here and nobody put out the welcome mat for me. I had to fight for everything I have. Luckily, I got tough in Pope Valley and was able fend for myself.

Everything is about wine on this ranch. I know how to market wine. It is all about presentation.

Wine is made out in the vineyard. (If you don't nurture the vines, they won't produce good fruit, so it won't matter what you do in the winery.) I help Jim when he works out in the vineyard.

It is important to select the right barrels.