Friday, May 18, 2012

GenUwine at One Month Old!

GenUwine and his nurse mother Enduring Flight
Genuwine was born on Thursday April 19, 2012. His mother Kool Valley was a first time mother at twelve and we were quite concerned about her giving birth so we watched her very carefully and put her in a paddock each night and checked her every few hours. She gave birth in the early hours of April 19 and we were there to help her with the birth. She gave birth to GenUwine a beautiful colt who has the markings of his two grandmothers!  Our excitement and joy was soon tempered by health problems that both mare and foal were experiencing. Kool Valley was in a lot of pain and we had our local vet Dr. Gold come up to see her and GenUwine. Dr. Gold gave her pain meds and she seemed to be improving that Saturday evening, but on Sunday morning she took a turn for the worse and Jim loaded her on our van along with Genuwine and headed to UC Davis. The hospital had been alerted of our mare's condition and were ready for his arrival, but when Jim opened the back of trailer, she was dead and Genuwine was crouched in the corner.
The vets tried to get Genuwine out of the trailer but he wouldn't leave his mother. So Jim got inside the trailer and carefully walked him through his mother's legs and down the ramp. He was escorted into the vet hospital and examined thoroughly. He was admitted to the hospital and put on an IV. Genuwine had various ailments including dehydration, urinary and intestinal blockages and liver toxicity. He stayed in intensive care for several days while we looked for a nurse mare to raise him. During his stay at the hospital two potential nurse mares were introduced to him but were rejected because they were aggressive towards him. When he was released from UC Davis, we took Genuwine to Victory Rose Thoroughbreds to try again to introduce him to one of those mares. Each mare had recently lost a foal and was a good candidate for nurse mare. Ellen Jackson,  proprietress of Victory Rose was willing to work with the mare named Enduring Flight to reintroduce them and see if they would bond. After three days of clever but safe exposure to each other, Enduring Flight began to bond and little Genuwine was overjoyed to have an equine mother again.

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