Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Winemaking: From Bottling to Harvest

Wow! It sure is hot, how can they stand it?
It sure has been busy around here. It started with Jim and Susan's 20th anniversary party on September 18. Then we got ready for bottling.  On Saturday September 25th we got the wine filtered. Then we bottled it on September 27, which felt  like the hottest day of the year. Great people came to help: Scott, our neighbor brought his friend Eric, who is just back from a tour in Iraq; Mona, Yoga instructor and massage therapist extraordinaire; Tim our good friend, Fritz, our new friend, Isabelle, Chris and Claudia, Oscar, Julio, Jim and Susan were all there. After all of that, you would think we'd have a chance to rest, but no, Jim decided that we needed to start the harvest the following day. So we picked our Sauvignon Blanc before we had even cleaned up our crush equipment and checked it out. Well there is nothing like trial by fire, we got the crusher destemmer and must pump going just fine. It was the press that wouldn't work because the bladder was stuck in full press mode. After trying every button numeous times, Jim finally called the technician, who helped him discover that the evacuation pump was seized. Once Jim was able to free up the motor, we were able to start pressing the juice and get it into the tank.

I thought Jim needed a bit of encouragement.
It seemed like endless cases of wine kept going into the bottling truck...1709 to be exact.
The next day we set up the crush equipment and started harvest.

Miguel with the Sauvignon Blanc grapes

After two long days we had our classic  "RustRidge Evening" with the hills aglow in the reflection of the sun.

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