Saturday, August 7, 2010

Catherine wins the Trifecta

At 5:30 AM on Thursday, Jim and Catherine went to Golden Gate Fields to take care of our racehorse Topper's Smiling.
Later they went to Santa Rosa to the Sonoma County Fair, to go to the  races. In the third race, Catherine went down to the paddock with Jim to look at the horses being saddled and she observed each one carefully then chose the horse to win, place and show. This is what Catherine told me: ""Saw Perfection" was the tallest horse with a broad chest for big lungs, large hind quarters and shoulders and his odds were 3-1.  Jim chose "Preach the Gospel", because the jockey is Topper's rider.  "Jaunty" was my second choice, because of his physique, although he was smaller than Saw Perfection." Jim placed their trifecta bet at the window then they went up to the stands to watch the race. Catherine then heard the announcer say "they're off."
As the horses headed to the turn "we felt that Preach the Gospel was going to win but Saw Perfection pulled in front and then Jaunty pulled ahead of three horses to come in third." Catherine and Jim screamed with excitement while the other spectators looked on with amused curiosity!

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