Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Memory of Starlight

Starlight visiting  Jim while he was pruning vines this year

Our petite midnight kitty, born in 1992 passed away this week. For most of her life she was a barn cat with very little interest in humans. But as she aged and outlived her sisters she became more friendly and social. She enjoyed being held and pet and was unbelievably sweet. She also needed a bit more care in these last few years and we tried to bring her home, but she preferred the outdoors so she always found her way back to the barn. Finally this Winter she agreed to sleep in the winery office where we could feed her special food and keep her warm. She enjoyed hanging around the winery but every morning when we let her out, she made a quick exit to the vineyard where she drank water from the puddles and laid out in the sun. Her tiny body became more frail and unsteady but she refused to change her schedule and she spent her last day enjoying the ranch.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Matthew's visit

When a thirteen year old botanist came to spend a week at RustRidge this is what he discovered:

Matthew found may varieties of wild mushrooms. This is a pumpkin mushroom that is safe to eat but doesn't taste very good.

This is a place on the ranch that very few people have ever seen.
This is one of our reservoirs that is tucked away in the hills and where I like to swim.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Happenings

This is what Jim and I found in the hollow of a gnarly grape vine,  a tree frog!

Out in the vineyard on the grassy hillsides these big yellow flower bushes bloom in spring. They are known as Mule Ears and are part of the sunflower family.

The ranch in spring is a wonderful place to have a picnic, and you may have a surprise visitor,
Soda Pop our resident Palomino has decided he likes to hang out with people!