Sunday, July 18, 2010

We had great playmates on the weekend

The Gable family came to stay at the ranch on the weekend. The last time they stayed at the ranch, Ben and Elizabeth didn't have  children and it was the spring of 1994. I wasn't born either, but my grandfather Buster and great grandfather Bo were here and Susan and Jim were here too. At the time, Buster was in a cast because Bo  had broken his leg by playing too rough with his young pup.
  Anyway, now the Gables have three children, and they played with us all weekend. Catherine is crazy about horses, Caroline loves to swim and Robert loves to sing. They bought all of us (horses and cats included) yummy treats. They tried to train us to fetch and to walk on a leash and they groomed us too. Thank-you Catherine, Caroline and Robert for a wonderful weekend!

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